Why A Neurosurgeon? More than just the brain.

Neurosurgeons complete some of medicine’s most challenging training, and that expertise is passed directly to you, the patient. Choosing a neurosurgeon means choosing a professional not only versed in matters of the brain, but also the spine. In fact, the majority of cases seen by a neurosurgeon are based around the spine. So while other specialties may also work on the back, why not choose a neurosurgeon who has utmost expertise for the central nervous system? A neurosurgeon is a physician who has completed:

  • 4 years of pre-medical studies at a college or university
  • 4 years of medical training at an accredited medical school
  • 1 year of general surgery residency
  • 5 to 7 years of neurosurgery residency
  • Some neurosurgeons complete one more year of fellowship studies

This puts neurosurgeons at the top of their game, providing procedures that may result in smaller openings/scars, shorter recovery times, less pain after surgery, shorter hospital stays and, yes, the most optimal outcomes. DNG brings some of the country’s greatest universities to Delaware, offering a wide range of expertise to better help our patients.